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As all avid League of Legends players know, the new Coven Event was released a week ago. As someone who could definitely be considered avid, I decided I could do nothing better with my free time than rank the skins of the most acclaimed waifu of the game.
For the purposes of this post, we will only be looking at League of Legends and not Wild Rift. We know some of the skins there are significantly better than those on PC, but you won’t catch me complaining.
The criteria for rating these skins will go as follows:

  • Splash art, for the artistic aspect
  • Amount of party Ahri has going on because girls support girls

Without further ado: every Ahri skin, ranked.

15. Foxfire Ahri

For a skin that was meant to represent the Firefox browser, I really have nothing else to say except it could be so much better. The only thing I do enjoy about this skin would be the tails, but everything else about it doesn’t sit right. The long braid doesn’t fit Ahri, and her outfit is super bland, which is tragic considering all the traditional kitsune inspiration they could’ve drawn from. No party, cheap eye-catching tactics. Riot 100% could have done better with this one, especially if it’s supposed to represent an internet browser.

14. Base Skin Ahri

This one is probably the most cosplayed Ahri skin but honestly, it doesn’t do it for me. This design is simple and I’ll give it a bit of credit for existing because we wouldn’t have any of her actual cosmetics without it. But that’s all it is: a super safe and simple base skin. The splash is beautiful, showcasing the kitsune tails and her spirit orb, bringing out the traditional clothing that Ahri wears. Though her in-game model is rather dated, it still shows off the beautiful and lore-filled fox that we know and loves. Not too much party going on, but this is acceptable because she’s maintaining the traditionality of her attire.

13. Midnight Ahri

There’s something about Midnight Ahri that just makes me overlook it every time I see it on my select screen. The splash is gorgeous, but it’s just Ahri in furs. The boots are the only thing that I linger on at all. Her tails are almost the same colour as her base skin, and the whole thing is boring overall. They could have done a lot more with this, such as playing up the “midnight” aspect and giving her a dark, mysterious outfit. But no, they settled for something that just made it look like Ahri got tired of four seasons and moved to the tundra.

12. Popstar Ahri

Look. I know this one is a community favourite. And I do have so much to say about it! Unfortunately, I have to go against the grain here and say none of my thoughts is positive, except on the colours. As the beginning of the K/DA universe, it doesn’t really look like something that Ahri would really wear to me in her starting idol days, but I concede that this is subjective. Her tails are gorgeous with this skin and that boosts the ranking higher, but everything else falls short. Her whiskers are too close to the inside of her cheeks and don’t even look like whiskers. The actual outfit is monochromatic and lazy, and there’s not a lot of party going on, considering how promiscuous a character Ahri is both in-game and in the K/DA universe. Honestly, not a skin I would pick in-game just because it gets overshadowed by all the other K/DA skins overall.

11. Dynasty Ahri

Where Midnight Ahri lands on the bad side of simple, Dynasty Ahri lands on the good side. It’s a tiny outfit change for her, drawing on more traditionally Japanese inspirations once more. Her orb does feel a little weird to me being such a bright blue, but I understand needing something to offset the simplicity of the rest of the outfit. I do like this skin a lot despite it being dated, I just wished that it looked better in-game. As with her other traditional skins, this one is very modest and covers her up pretty well, so sadly, no comment on the party for this skin. She does look gorgeous, though.

10. Academy Ahri

I think the reason I put this skin so high up on the list would be the hair colour that Ahri got in this line. Something about her having pink hair just makes me fawn over her. Sure, the school uniform is cute, but the way the tails’ natural colour compliment the vividness of her hair takes the cake. Points are lost because, in comparison to the next skins, it is pretty simple. I also feel like there are a lot of other champions that would have better fit this skin theme? Ahri was added to it for the fanservice, and I can say with full confidence that the short skirt fulfils that element for me.

9. K/DA All Out Ahri

This skin… I don’t like it, but I do? But I don’t! I bought this skin when it came out and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used it. For some reason, this outfit just…doesn’t fit Ahri? I don’t know if it’s the colours that they used, maybe it’s because she has blues and that’s not really something you see on her often? The hair and tails are stunning, though. I feel if they really wanted this skin to pop, they should have made it a legendary skin so that the crystals in the tail could really stand out with movement. Yeah, I like the tails; everything else is pretty meh for me.

8. K/DA Pop/Stars Ahri

Okay, I have this skin at the same level as the last. The outfit, as sexy as it is, doesn’t warrant more than a handful of usages for me. I know at this point it’s a broken record but the tail, people! The tail is the only good point. This one’s a little higher on the list because of the bodysuit, but looking at the skin compared to her others, it just doesn’t match up. Again, they should have gone for some more movements of the tails because they’re see-through crystals. However, now we’re slowly getting to the more promiscuous side of the fox that isn’t really shown in the previous skins, so that’s exciting.

7. Star Guardian Ahri

The only reason I have this one so low is because of her hair. It does not suit her with the rest of her outfit. The splash is so adorable and Kiko is so cute with the charm, but I feel this could have been a bit better. It’s also kind of a straight Sailor Moon ripoff. As much as I like the reference, I feel like giving her moon buns would better fit, or have her ears rounded off more in order to make them look like the moon buns. Tails are also too simple in my opinion and definitely could have had more than just a solid tan colour with all of the reds and pinks going on here.

6. Arcade Ahri

Not the nicest Arcade skin, but my goodness am I a sucker for these styles of skins. Her tails glitching out in the splash, how they blended her ears in with the headphones, the whole outfit. This skin just reminds me of how I would try to immerse myself in whatever game I was playing when I was younger and those bonus nostalgia points are the reason why it’s one of my favourite skins for Ahri. Simple concept, with really good execution.

5. Challenger Ahri

THE THINGS I WOULD DO IF I HAD THIS SKIN. Everything about this skin is to die for. The scarlets and violets, the integration of her orb, the detail given to her tails, the headpiece that perfectly frames her face. It’s sexy, and the claws show a side of kitsunes that aren’t typically portrayed in the media. I love it, and I shamelessly love the party Ahri has going on in the boob window of her armour. Get into it, yuh.

4. Elderwood Ahri

Again, Ahri with a braid, not that big of a fan, but the outfit and headpiece do make up for it overall. The colours are so nice and they captured Ahri in the forest possibly better than any fanarts that I’ve seen. The flowers on the fabric give off this faery aesthetic and she looks exactly as a forest spirit would. The way the tails look like a dreamy illusion is also beautiful. Maybe if they got rid of the braid I’d like the skin more, but this is still a top 5 pick.

3. Spirit Blossom Ahri

This skin is almost always at the top of everyone’s lists, but there’s nothing wrong with that bandwagon. This skin showcases Ahri’s lore on top of nailing how breathtaking she is. The kimono is stunning and the colours of the cherry blossoms and pool are soft and magical. Her tails are pretty, and they don’t swallow her as the other kimono skins do. The splash alone is beautiful and Riot really said Ahri supremacy with their whole chest on this one.

2. Coven Ahri

I cannot get over dark Ahri. Every single thing about this skin is flawless. The integration of her hair and ears, the fur on her tails transitioning from jet black to electric purple, and that skull in her orb as the cherry on top. If I could change anything about this skin, it would be that I need the splash to be about 100 times bigger. I need to see more; she’s stunning and needs to be shown off. The bodysuit looks sick and compliments her so well, and for a skin line that perfectly incorporated Ahri, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

1. K/DA Pop/Stars Prestige Edition Ahri

Marry me. This skin. I don’t have words. Gold and white combinations have my heart. Nothing tops this. The best part is that this isn’t just some sort of recolouring of the original skin. The boots, the outfit, the tails – every single thing about this skin makes me vibrate. Nothing beats this skin, and it’s probably my favourite skin in-game and my favourite prestige skin (maybe until Kayn’s comes out).

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