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I wish I could say that my list of games is as impressive as Denayed’s or Toralar’s because it really isn’t. I’ve only played video games seriously in the last five years, and not as extensively as they have. Prior to that, I only played Nintendo, and even then it was a miracle if I made it through a game before having to give the cartridge back to my cousin, who actually owned the games.

Nevertheless, I came up with 5 selections from the games that I’ve finally had the pleasure of playing through. I know these picks are either super simple or very overplayed, but I’m a pretty simplistic person myself, okay? (Editor’s note: Toralar and I had League of Legends and Overwatch in our top 5 lists. I think you’re fine.)

The first 4 are in no particular order, but the last one is definitely my favorite. So without further banter: my top video games from two decades of living!


I couldn’t get this game out of my head even if I wanted to. Animal Jam, but make it deep (joking, kind of). I just covered Stray a couple of weeks back, but I have to bring it up again after the maelstrom of heartache and raw emotion that it caused me.

Stray’s story is something that stuck with me because it expanded the most innocent premise into a tale of love, loss, and living. The story went from a cat looking to escape from the perils it fell into, to a cat losing something it fought tooth and nail for, to a cat finding love and comfort and care. Before I knew it, the credits were rolling, as were the tears on my cheeks. 

Stray is a beautiful game visually and auditorily, and its gameplay makes me want to do nothing but wander around as a cat. I love this game and as one of my most highly anticipated games in the last couple of years, I could not have been happier with how it turned out. I just hope there’s some sort of closure (or even a whole sequel!) so I can see if our furry little friend really found his family after escaping his dystopia.

  • Hours clocked: currently 10, but will be 100 in no time
  • Reason for tears: the ending (and not being able to do quick time events fast enough!)
  • Claim to Noah’s Ark: I’M LITERALLY PLAYING AS A CAT?? HELLO??? MEOW???

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Until Dawn

This is a bit of a surprising pick, but everything about Until Dawn is what I enjoy in games. The story, gameplay, themes – honestly, just about everything – are perfect to me, including the implementation of the butterfly effect. This was the first choose-your-own-adventure game I’d ever played, and coupled with the fact that it made me a completionist gamer, you have my second entry to the list. 

The visuals are incredibly cinematic, and I think it’s insane how they were able to realistically animate all of the actors to make this one of the coolest-looking games at the time.

The story, the mythology, the characters, the scares. I love it. Such an amazing game.

  • Hours clocked: 50+
  • Reason for tears: trying to keep EVERYONE alive
  • Claim to Noah’s Ark: the satisfaction of saving everyone and being able to see such a happy ending <3 

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Muse Dash

I would feel like I’m giving you guys whiplash from the genre variety in my picks, but Denayed went from Dota 2 to a 2007 surgery sim, so I’m allowed this. Muse Dash is definitely one of those games that probably wouldn’t make it into anyone’s top 50, let alone a top 5, but listen.

It’s a rhythm game unlike any that I’ve seen, and the song choices are elite. I discovered it thanks to my friends, and have sunk SO much time that they’ve tried to convince me to just play OSU, but it’s not the same!

The characters are cute enough (can’t really comment further because I’d get called out for it), but the mechanics, the charting system, and graphics make the time I’ve spent on this game worth it. The modding community is also extremely warm and welcoming, and all the custom songs I’m able to add certainly contribute to what’s kept me playing the game so long.

  • Hours clocked: 70
  • Reason for tears: getting a silver S on Brain Power 10 qwq
  • Claim to Noah’s Ark: rhythm game make heart happy

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Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U)

I know I said things about wanting to branch out from Nintendo, but this one helped me broaden my gaming horizons more than anything else. How could I forget playing a fighting game with no prior experience, button mashing and crying as I got floor-wiped by my older brother? (Editor’s note: pour one out for all the girlies whose older siblings/cousins refused to let us win, ever :/) 

That aside, I truly learned to love Smash 4. Getting a chance to play something that wasn’t linear or story-based was instrumental in making me realize that I really did enjoy playing video games that weren’t so-called kids’ games. There was also a solid time that I began to think: dude, I could go pro at this – until I stopped playing fighting games one day and never picked them up again. It’s the thought that counts <3

  • Hours clocked: From the time of release to 2017 
  • Claim to Noah’s Ark: Dark Pitt Side B made brother angry, so I wanted him to feel more pain

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Super Paper Mario (Wii)

During my Nintendo phase, I wanted to play everything. It all looked so fun – Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Twilight Princess, Smash Brawl, Super Monkey Ball – but the inspiration? Chuggaconroy. My parents would lose their minds about me watching, for hours on end, Chuggaconroy play through whatever it was that he was playing through, and Super Paper Mario was one of them.

They finally bought it for me, and since then, I have done everything in my power to relive the nostalgia that this game evoked. I loved the story, the gimmicks, the pixels, THE 3D/2D SWAP? Fully iconic.  

There is still not a single game (maaaaybe Mario Galaxy could be a close one) that comes close to rivaling the feeling I have going into each level of Super Paper Mario. Luigi? A bad guy? Bowser whining and crying because he isn’t the main villain?? I’m sold. I don’t have a bad word to say about this game. DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THE OST BECAUSE IT’S JUST A BANGER. 

  • Hours clocked: I don’t even know and probably can’t begin to place a number on it
  • Reason for tears: OST? No, the true tears of fear from seeing whatever abomination Mimi was in that boss fight. For the love of all things holy, I had nightmares for WEEKS
  • Claim to Noah’s Ark: My comfort game. I just have to have it come with me.

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