Interview of Nightfang’s Atom and Specter. Transcript provided by Tiffany Simon. Watch video at

Sorrow: Specter, Adam it seemed really close there for a second. How did you feel with the comeback and bridging that gap their? We almost thought you were going to go to a game 5.

Jumpingnerd: I thought so too. That’s what I was expecting.

Specter: Adam you want to take that one?

Adam: Yea i got it.

Adam: Uh we knew we were guna win that match. We knew it. So now that last rotation, James got a crazy 3 piece. So that basically opened it up for us, plus we got a god spawn. Like we spawned on the new hill when they were already rotated to it.

Jumpingnerd: Ooof

Adam: So james was already like “yo yo yo we just got a god spawn” and he just popped a 3 piece and we win the map. But MJ continues his loosing streak against me.

Jumpingnerd laughs

Adam: There’s nothing to say about that. But yea.

Sorrow: Nothing like a little internal smack talking between teammates.

Jumpingnerd: I love it, its so good. Its beautiful

Specter: Its uh its pretty impressive when a team wins a hardpoint with 1 AR. The highlight of that match had to have been Adams round of control.

Jumpingnerd: YES. That was SICK.

Adam: That was crazy.

Jumpingnerd: Oh my gosh he went OFF incredibly hard. Then i was blown away, it looked like you were cheating. Not that you are. But that was just crazy, I was like NO WAY.

Sorrow: I will tell you this adam, after that had happened Mehtro messages me and goes “IDK who this charzard guy is but he is cheating or needs to be royal.” Well he already is cuz that’s adam.

Adam: Yea but everyone thinks that i like rebranded and i cheat because of that. But im like my clan tags adam, so everyone knows that’s me.

Adam: That first round of control i called out i was like ” lets all 4 hit b, someone go bottom, ill go top hotel, James watch mid.” and um story went back alley.

Adam: So then it just happened. One thing after another to add 18 kills.

Sorrow: I gata say its good yea.

Specter: Yea iv never seen an 18

Sorrow: Yea an 18 is definitely crazy. Its like having over half of the kills and im pretty sure you finished at 30 and 15 at the end of it.

Adam: Yea mhm

Sorrow: So um rocking a 2.0 in control there. But i mean you almost dropped a 50 bomb in that first HP though.

Adam: No that first HP i went in so specter had told me the other day ” yo what HP do you want” I was like “put me on Albagra” that map is crazy. Like i can read spawns like crazy.

Specter: Iv played against adam on that map, its not an enjoyable time. Its really not. It doesn’t matter who you have on your team, i mean this guy just you spawn he knows. Its something else.

Sorrow: His route you know running was definitely something to behold. Im pretty sure it was on fortress where we watched them hop out the window, wrap around, he jumped off the double steps and he ended up picking off 5 people before eventually getting shot down in that little route run. Um so you know that’s definitely interesting.

Sorrow: How do you feel about officially teaming up with james again after awhile since the last time we saw you guys together, which would have been vanguard?

Adam: Feels amazing. That’s my duo. You got you remember in vanguard a lot of people remember me as james duo, my name was james duo and his was james. So that’s my guy. I still carry him. But hes my little hill kitten.

Sorrow: i will definitely say there’s still an immense vote that he should go back to big chungus. But yea definitely good. So i guess going through with what limited A teams we do have this season because unfortunately some of them didn’t make the pay cut.

Sorrow: Who do you think will potentially be your toughest competition? Do you feel like that would have been it right there or do you think this reapers team that will be playing against this try out royals team, either one of them could potentially be a challenge? Do you think you have it in the bag or theirs still a couple tough matches to go?

Adam: No one’s beating us, specter you can say your thoughts on that.

Specter: I don’t want to sound to cocky but i mean

Jumpingnerd: Bold claim their young man.

Specter: We uh we are a little nasty.

Jumpingnerd: Yes you guys are fricken nasty. I uh i’m looking forward to seeing who uh, what you guys are able to doing in the next time around. Its going to be Absolutely interesting.

Sorrow: We definitely look forward to seeing you play out the rest of this season. Were going to do a watch party when you guys have some of you royals vanguard tournaments going. When you guys go to play that, and we will definitely be doing a watch party when you guys go to Ohio in July. You have no idea how many teams have reached out trying to get us to send them and i have told them no were sending our own team. And they all say bet we will see you their so you have to show them there is a reason why we didn’t send them.

Specter: I trust adam.

Jumpingnerd: Come out and show out.

Adam: We’ll do it, We’ll do it.

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