Gamers United is Rally Esports, INC’s second foundation. This charity is intended to provide underserved children, medically complicated children and children with special needs with an adult or teen to socialize and game with. This foundation also intends to in connection with Gears for Gamers provide eSports mentorship and shadow programs for teens interested in a career path in eSports.


We decided to create this program to provide crucial social support to children who need it the most. This program each Little Gamer/Special Gamer will be paired with a Big Gamer. Having a set up like this allows for our volunteers to provide social support, a person to talk to and even notice if one of our Gamers needs support beyond what we can provide. One of the categories that will be most affected by this is our at risk youth. At risk youth benefit from having social programs like this where they can have a mentor, a friend or just an ear to listen.

Gaming and Careers.

Not only does gaming have a profound impact on a child’s growth but it can inspire many career options for all walks of life, whether you are from a prominent and well off family or part of our at risk youth! Careers in gaming are ever changing and we want to help facilitate a love for the field whether it be eSports management, Gaming Productions, Video editing and more!


Monetary Donation

If you are a company and would like to donate a larger amount or physical products reach out to us today!
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