Rally Esports, INC is dedicated to helping individuals succeed in eSports.
Rally Esports takes on all levels of skill for volunteer staff positions and offers internships that fit you!
Rally Esports will give professional references to anyone what is with us for 30 days.

Job TitleDescription
General Manager (Teams)General Managers are in charge of managing and growing their team.
General Managers recruit players, organize the players, find outside events for players to participate in and set up team culture.
Assistant General Manager (Teams)Assistant General Managers assist the GM’s in team related tasks, provide input to the GM’s to better the team and actively participate with the players.
Lead Video EditorThe Lead Video Editor coordinates project with all other video editors, ensures quality of videos being produced, pushes content out to correct platforms or departments and assists in planning future projects. Lead Video editors will also improve their interview skills by assisting in video editor interviews.
Social Media ManagerSocial Media Manager oversees all Social Media Coordinators underneath them, ensuring quality posts are going out in a timely manner, schedules when certain posts need to go out, creates social media plans including hashtags we should be using and when.
Commissioner/Tournament AdminCommissioners/Tournament Admins create the game rules for events, enforce game rules during events, designs appropriate penalties for breaking event rules and assists in the organization of events.
Player Conflict SpecialistsPlayer Conflict Specialists create reports from player issues to pass up the chain, participate in disciplinary panel meetings with other members on the panel to discuss what punishments should be handed down to issues and file all issues for potential future review.
ModsMods moderate all chats to ensure no rules are being broken, moderate twitch lives to solve any rules being broke and assist with creating reports of larger issues with the Player Conflict Specialist.
GraphicsGraphics Staff create graphic art for Rally Esports, assists with twitch asset growth or team logos and assists with social media necessities. All Graphics done by volunteers or interns may be used in portfolios!
CastersCasters commentate during tournaments on what is happening and hype up the viewers. Color commentators often give more in-detail analytical casting of intentions and overall strategies of players, while play by play casters give fast paced commentating of the fights/events as they happen in-game.
Social Media CoordinatorsSocial Media Coordinators schedule and post social media content on the Rally Esports account they are tasked with. Social Media Coordinators must have basic knowledge of the platform and how best to create content for that platform.
Journalism & ReportingJournalists and Reporters create Rally’s blog content on the website and assist with creating podcast scripts.
Video EditorsVideo Editors edit all videos for the Rally Esports YouTube channel as well as some tik tok edits.
eSports StreamerStreamers stream on the Rally Esports twitch all scheduled events, assist with organizing the stream labs or OBS to ensure dead space in minimal and ensures we are putting out quality live streams.