Written by Dovepool | Edited by Denayed, Originally Posted: October 27, 2021.

Welcome to another round of ranking League of Legends skins! The Dragonmancer skin line was released alongside Worlds earlier this month, along with the Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skins. There was no way I wasn’t going to dedicate time and effort to simp over rank these because I love dragons and love-hate League. So let’s get right to it.

1. Dream Dragon Yasuo

When it comes to Yasuo, there’s nothing I don’t simp for, and this skin is no exception. Everyone else can go home. Yasuo looks amazing, the colour scheme is fantastic, and white hair suits this man just as well as his 0/10 power spike on the average main. Good incorporation of his flute but like, it’s also making the mind wander if you know what I’m getting at aHAEd. The editorial team feels that keeping the author’s exact descriptive words here is important, and any censorship would lower artistic integrity.

2. Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition

I’m self-aware enough at this point to know that anything prestige-related is going to be my favourite in any line. This one in particular is incredible because of the detail incorporated within his coloring; instead of playing it safe with white and gold, they embellished his fur with gorgeous red accents. It’s a truly worthy change of pace.

3. Truth Dragon Yasuo

Look. I love my mans, we’ve established that. And I do like this skin as much as the first one, out of loyalty and also because I have eyes. But I have to be fair: why did there have to be two skins for something that could have easily been one, with multiple chromas? I have this exact same issue with skins like Cosmic/Dark Cosmic Lux and Dawnbringer/Nightbringer Soraka. From a marketing standpoint, sure, they can make more money off two separate legendaries. If it weren’t for my monogamous relationship with Yasuo, though, I don’t know if I would’ve bothered.

4. Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa

I acknowledge my bias on this one because I am a Kai’Sa main with many, many of her skins. That doesn’t detract from the appeal of this skin, though. The twin dragons framing her splash art have the perfect epic flair, and her recall animation is swoon-worthy. The only thing I think throwing me off is her hair – something about Kai’Sa with short hair just doesn’t suit her, IMO. Overall, it’s still a beautiful skin for my beautiful main.

5. Duality Dragon Volibear

Don’t get me wrong, this skin is impressive. But…it’s just Voli…again? With no discernible changes? As we saw in this skin’s Prestige edition, there’s so much potential for Voli, but Riot keeps going back to the standard blue and white. I beg, make his lightning look more dramatic and stop reverting to familiarity when you can do something as simple as changing his color palette.

6. Tranquility Dragon Karma

I’m still digging the twin dragons, but I’m not too sure how well dragons embody Karma as a champion. The lighting work is bewitching, the splash looks great, but just like Voli, I feel like more could have been done without relying on obvious colors. Everything is always some shade of red or blue. Give us something creative and out-of-the-box!

7. Steel Dragon Thresh

Ah, yes. Let’s give Thresh yet another skin after he’s already received 3 in a row. I’ll give Riot credit that at least they aren’t trying to give Thresh the Generic Hot Anime Protagonist makeover again. Skin looks decent, but my main complaint for the others stays true here: the color scheme is lazy. Plus, how does Thresh even control dragons? How would this work logistically? It’s not like his lantern is going to suck em’ up. I know they changed the lantern in this design, but still: bad choice for this character in this skin line.


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