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Active Campaigns!

 Hello My name is Timothy Pickvance, I’m 35 from Hamilton Ontario Canada and my son name is Philip Pickvance, he is 12 years old, loves Wrestling, movies, and loves playing video games with me.

My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he’s non verbal and he has full function of one hand, the other has less function.

I was hoping to get him 2 things, a Fight Stick that works on Nintendo Switch and Xbox1,he will be able to play with the joystick and click the buttons, also trying to find a Wii Remote so I can get my son into Wii Sports.

Currently I have no income coming in due to me being out of work with 2 injury’s, i tore my bicep tendon back in August, so I have no extra income for anything, but want to do something awesome for my son.