Gear Program

At this time this program can only service those in the US. If you would like to nominate a child who is not within the US please contact us to see what we can do!

  1. Nominate a child. Do you know or have a child that could benefit from receiving a gaming gear donation or needs medically adapted gaming gear? Nominate that child today!

2. Once you receive your campaign link start fundraising. Fundraising helps us to provide more gear to more children in need and allows us to fulfil needs quicker!

3. Reach fundraising goals to earn other additional items. For example: Controller skins, stickers, tees & more!

4. Child receives the package after fundraising goal is reached or after funding has been attainted by us! Smaller items will be quicker to process!

Throughout this whole process we will stay in communication with the Nominating adult with regular updates, new goals reached, and other opportunities! Once the item is received a survey will go out along with a link to join our newsletter should you want to continue to be informed of other opportunities that may come out for you!